Lady Amar Celebrates new milestone of her trending single ‘Hamba Juba’

Lady Amar Celebrates new milestone of her trending single ‘Hamba Juba’Lady Amar Celebrates new milestone of her trending single ‘Hamba Juba’

Thando, also known as Lady Amar, was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, in the township of Soweto. Despite the fact that she was brought into the world in Soweto, Thando was brought up in Orange ranch by a single parent and grandma. She has excellent self-discipline and was raised to be strong from an early age. I learned from my strong mother that going through difficult times is a lesson that keeps me going. Despite the fact that Thando’s family was extremely poor, she pursued her goals regardless.

The smash hit single “Hamba Juba,” which Lady Amar co-wrote with Cici and Murumba Pitch, continues to spread like wildfire and soar as high as the star’s dreams. It has now reached a significant milestone after amassing millions of views on YouTube just a few weeks after its release. Hamba Juba’s official certification is platinum. The celebrity took to social media to express her sincere gratitude to the artists with whom she worked. Take a look at Lady Amar’s response:

Thando is a well-known event DJ and vocalist who goes by the name DJ Lady Amar. She has made a name for herself by DJing at some of the best parties and working with some of the best DJs in the business.

She wanted to be a teacher when she was younger, but we all know that as you get older, you get to know yourself better, so she decided to go after her destiny, which was anything music-related. She believes that she was given the gift of singing and the passion she has for music by God, and she also believes that the work she is doing right now is what she was meant to do.

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